Faster round.

Flat rate.

Top VC attorney leads the strategic work. We automate the admin work. You pay a flat fee.


How it works

Call with a legal expert

Let's chat about your fundraising plans and whether this product is a fit for you.

Upload your documents

We'll prepare your data room, cap table, and pro forma – and catch any red flags.

Match with top VC counsel

We’ll connect you with a top VC attorney to lead your strategic legal work.

$1,000 to start, $25,000 when you close

Your entire legal bill for your first priced round will be $25,000, period.
Pay only $1,000 to start – and if you don’t close, you’ll only pay a part of the balance, depending on how far along you were in the process.

*This does not include your investors’ counsel’s bill or external expenses.

Series Seed: Cost and Time to Close

With Corpora

Close for:

$ 25,000

Close in as fast as:

2 weeks

With BigLaw

(([months]/12*10)+ [saferounds]*5+ [investors]*2+ [investorspro]*3+ [board]+ [vesting]+ [documents]+ [lawyer])*750
(([months]/12*10)+ [saferounds]*5+ [investors]*2+ [investorspro]*3+ [board]+ [vesting]+ [documents]+ [lawyer])/10

* These are approximations and should not be seen as fee quotes, guidance, or legal advice.


Corpora is intended for high-growth Delaware corporations that are in their earlier stages, from formation through Series B.

Corpora’s goal is not to displace attorneys but instead facilitate the collaboration between startups and their attorneys.  We give founders the tools to get simple legal tasks done, while also giving their attorneys the tools to get the complex legal tasks done efficiently.

Corpora’s customer is the startup, which can give access to its account to its founders, attorney, and investors.

There’s little overlap between Corpora and equity management software.  Corpora is doing to company legal documents what equity management software does to cap tables: taking a messy, manually tracked environment and turning it into an organized, automated solution.

Corpora’s infrastructure is built on the AWS platform, utilizing its suite of security and encryption features. We use current industry standards to store and secure our users’ documents. For more information, please visit our security page. 

Raise money with less hassle.

Corpora is not a law firm or a substitute for legal services. Information provided by Corpora, whether on its website, through its products, or otherwise, is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.